From the equipment installation to maintenance, the system is imported into the service, to provide comprehensive intelligent upgrade service plan for the customer; we explore the industry problems, understand the industry demand, on the basis of industry experience, combine with IoT and information & communication technology, put forward the best solution, create the greatest benefit value for the customer, and become the best partner of customers to grow again.

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We specialize in the software and hardware design and development, understand the industry demand, and provide professional IoT vertical integration solutions to meet your customer’s demand.

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EdgeX provides the rapid import services for developers and terminal users from IoT devices to management platform applications, providing the sensor device management, communication settings, cloud platform, data analysis and management, and user required application interfaces.

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Expert in smart technology


As a future practitioner, SPARK TECH is committed to creating a sustainable ecosystem, providing customers with the best Cloud PaaS and SaaS services on the Internet of Things. With the users as the core, SPARK TECH deeply invests in the research of solutions in various fields of smart city, and develops the services close to the humanity, so as to find new hope in the future.

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Into the Future

–  Smart City Unlimited Business Opportunity Plan

This Plan takes the “sharing economy” as the core basis of business model. Through the opportunity of field verification of smart city under this Plan, the market and resources of large enterprises shall be combined with enthusiastic and creative new creators or makers, to gather and share each other’s energy, and then stimulate the research and development of new and competitive smart city products or solutions.

With the help of AAEON’s accumulated rich export strength in the past, we will join hands with the creators’ innovative strength to give full play to the great benefits of joint attack in the mode of “hen with chicks” and “aircraft carrier fleet”.

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Smart Healthcare

AAEON currently provides multiple AI Edge computing products and system integration and solutions for smart cities, smart retail and smart manufacturing.

In recent years, AAEON has joined in the smart health field. From telemedicine which can break the distance limitation to the integration of medical data with cloud services,the combinition with AI can effectively predict possible diseases or risk indexes, we look forward to laying the foundation for a good medical ecosystem.

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Innovative engineering enabling cutting-edge intelligent services

Since its establishment in 1992, AAEON Technology Inc. has been committed to creating solutions through [...]




科技的變化愈來愈快速,你是否想過,10年後的城市會是怎樣的面貌呢? 如果你對未來世界有著天馬行空的想像,對於探索新技術總是欲罷不能,那你一定不能錯過智慧城市創意發想競賽!

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