Urban Management and Smart Street Lamp Integrated Service Solution (Energy Saving)

The Urban Management and Smart Street Lamp Integrated Service Solution has the following nine functions, which can quickly derive the key niche system functions according to different regional markets to meet the customer demand in different cities.

Intelligent zone (park) system integration service solution

Through the operation and use of the Internet of things, AI and cloud intelligent application technology, to improve or assist the zone (park) management efficiency, thus achieve the energy saving, safety early warning and maintenance cost reduction, such as energy saving control over the lighting and water condition of public toilets, and integrate the existing public toilets’ emergency calling with the surrounding hotspot monitors, which shall be all included into the unified platform for maintenance and management, to enhance the efficiency of emergency calling response, effectively use the human resources, and promote the integration of intelligence technology.

Intelligent common lever system integration service solution

Crossing intelligence – Intelligent common lever is the light pole and carrier of various intelligent application system in the road base construction, and connecting with the intelligent integration of different surrounding applications (street lights, traffic lights, the Internet of Things, smart billboards, 5G base), to make the light pole stretching out different innovative applications in all fields in addition to the original management method and control interface.